Local icons for sound.media.mit.edu

Here are a bunch of icons I stole from the Stanford icon site.

Don't copy thsoftresources.htmle graphics to your HTML directory, just use the URL of each image in your document (the <IMG SRC=...> tag) to refer to that graphic. That way your avoid keeping extra copies of all these GIFs around.

Locally-produced icons

Button for the Media Lab.

[Media <IMG SRC=/gifs/button.mlab.gif ALT=[MediaLab] align=middle >

Button for my 'thought for the day' link.

[thought] <IMG SRC=/gifs/button.thought.gif ALT=[thought] align=middle >

Button for linking to our graphical stats pages.

[graphical <IMG SRC=/gifs/button.stats.gif ALT=[graphical stats] align=middle >

Button for linking to a form that sets the download parameters for a soundfile. The same `page' can also act as a translator, if it is passed an extension path pointing to a soundfile.

[sound <IMG SRC=/gifs/button.soundQ.gif ALT=[sound query] align=middle>

These two buttons are cribbed from macintosh icons. The first I use for the comment submission page

[write comment] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.comment.gif" ALT="[write comment]">

This one I use to link to the send-mail-to-me page:

[send mail] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.sendmail.gif" ALT="[send mail]">

I use this [NEW] icon for links back to http://sound.media.mit.edu/index.html

[the group] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.group.gif" ALT="[the group]">

This is the sausage for my hotlinks page.

[sausage] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.sausage.gif" ALT="[sausage]">

Random icons from around the place

[golf] <IMG SRC="/gifs/golf.gif" ALT="[golf]">

Just in case you want to link to the Barney home page, here is it's official linkage button:

[barney] <IMG SRC="/gifs/barneybutton.gif" ALT="[barney]">

Rather Small Icons from the TechInfo server

(doc) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.doc.gif" ALT="(doc)">

(txt) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.txt.gif" ALT="(txt)">

(bin) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.bin.gif" ALT="(bin)">

(app) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.app.gif" ALT="(app)">

(snd) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.snd.gif" ALT="(snd)">

(mov) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.mov.gif" ALT="(mov)">

(gif) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.gif.gif" ALT="(gif)">

(dir) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.dir.gif" ALT="(dir)">

(lck) <IMG SRC="/gifs/tiny.lck.gif" ALT="(lck)">


<- <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.marble.left.gif" ALT="<-">

-) <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.marble.right.gif" ALT="-)">

^ <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.marble.up.gif" ALT="^">

v <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.marble.down.gif" ALT="v">

^^ <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.marble.up2.gif" ALT="^^">

Arrows and Buttons

From the University of Kansas.

v <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.blue.down.gif" ALT="v">

<= <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.blue.left.gif" ALT="<=">

=) <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.blue.right.gif" ALT="=)">

^ <IMG SRC="/gifs/arrow.blue.up.gif" ALT="^">

[More] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.more.gif" ALT="[More]">

[Return] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.return.gif" ALT="[Return]">

[] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.blank.gif" ALT="[]">

[Books] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.books.gif" ALT="[Books]">

[Dir] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.dir.gif" ALT="[Dir]">

[Ear] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.ear.gif" ALT="[Ear]">

[!] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.excl.gif" ALT="[!]">

[Eye] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.eye.gif" ALT="[Eye]">

[Finger] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.finger.gif" ALT="[Finger]">

[Gopher] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.gopher.gif" ALT="[Gopher]">

[?] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.help.gif" ALT="[?]">

[Home] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.home.gif" ALT="[Home]">

[Phone] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.phone.gif" ALT="[Phone]">

[Sound] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.sound.gif" ALT="[Sound]">

[] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.sun.gif" ALT="[]">

[Txt] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.text.gif" ALT="[Txt]">

[] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.tree.gif" ALT="[]">

[WWW] <IMG SRC="/gifs/button.www.gif" ALT="[WWW]">

[NEW] <IMG SRC="/gifs/new.gif" ALT="[NEW]">


<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-blurgrny.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-bluswrl.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-fibre.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-grywrnk.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-rock.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

<IMG SRC="/gifs/bg-smpale.gif" ALT="[NEW]">

DAn Ellis <dpwe@media.mit.edu>
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